Küng Biotech & Umwelt

Küng Biotech & Umwelt

Company Profile

General description

Küng Biotech & Umwelt, based in Bern (Switzerland), founded 1995, is an independent consulting agency which provides its clients with accurate up-to-date information and advice concerning issues in modern biotechnology and environment. We particularly engage in environmental impact studies and in analysis of modern biotechnology. Our work is based on professional competence, interdisciplinary teamwork and ecological awareness. We bring the resources of our scientific experience and judgement to bear on each client’s problem with evaluations and reports that are tailored to our clients’ needs.


Our services range from conceptual design to risk assessment and biosafety advice. We write expert summaries on biotechnical and environmental topics. Reports and studies provide in-depth coverage and cogent arguments of the subject matter along with the background necessary to place it in a broader perspective.




We have expertise from the most diverse disciplines, particularly:

* Biosafety and Occupational health in laboratories with safety level 3 (BSL3)
* Biorisk and Biosafety management
* Molecular biology
* Modern biotechnology and agriculture
* Environmental planning, management and economics
* Legal compliance and environmental protection in small industries


We have a broad spectrum of clients who appreciate the in-depth approach to our work. Our clients are governmental departments, private and non-governmental organisations which need assistance in their endeavours to improve their work and aim.